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Vieux Port de Montréal

Photo by Dillan Choiniere on Unsplash

This is the most important tourist spot in Montreal, since no matter the weather you can walk, skate, picnic, take great pictures and navigate. Across the street of La commune Est in the area of the old Town, you will find a variety of options of very good restaurants and bars.

Yarra Valley Wine Region

The Yarra Valley, one of the main wine-growing areas in Australia and the world, is making competition for France. It goes to the conquest of new markets with the elegance of its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They have wines qualified by the Australian critic James Halliday with scores of more than ninety over one hundred. If you are a wine lover and astral visits, this is your dream destination. The region maintains a constant effort to attract tourists, locals and foreigners, to its wineries to taste its excellent offers, as well as vintage sparkling wines such as the Chandon Vintage Brut or the new Moscato.

Blue Mountains

This area is characterized by an extreme natural beauty, has hiking trails, extensive flora and gorges. Its curious name is due to its eucalyptus forests because they emit a bluish mist that is seen from a distance. The rock formation called the Three Sisters is the most famous attraction of the Blue Mountains and perhaps also the reason for the distinction of World heritage. In addition to nature there is a notable human trade, high-class restaurants, cafes and a lot of nightlife.

Sydney Bay

Here you will find two of the most famous symbols of the city and possibly of Australia, the Sydney Opera House and the Bay Bridge. In combination these two icons form one of the most beautiful and photographed views of the world. If you go on New Year’s or close to the date this is the ideal place to celebrate, gather millions of people around the bay and contemplate one of the best fireworks shows in the world.

Kangaroo Island

This is one of the destinations that the greatest possibility of exchange with the Australian fauna will offer you. Here you can watch to touch and feed many animals, such as koalas, pelicans, seahorses, blue penguins, kangaroos, snakes, opossums, ducks, swans, lions and sea bears. Its main areas are Kingscote Wharf, American River, Stokes Bay, Finders Chase National Park and Hanson Bay.

Great Barrier Reef

This is a demonstration of the spectacular power of nature and perhaps one of the most attractive destinations in Australia. Its main feature is that it is constantly evolving, as the coral grows and breeds and when it dies a rock is made and new corals emerge, completing a perfect cycle. It also houses an ecosystem of various species, among which you can find sponges, fish, starfish, turtles, molluscs, snakes and crustaceans. It is such a magnitude that it is said that the barrier can be seen from outer space.