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Whitehaven Beach

On this beach the water and sand are interspersed giving rise to rounded forms of particular beauty. Its composition is mainly traces of dust from a dead coral forest, which makes the sand as fine as sugar, which is radiantly white and slides silkily through the fingers. In no other beach you will have a sand like this because even in summer and in high temperature times does not burn the feet. It is classified as the best beach in the world for its cleanliness and environmental protection activities, here you can not smoke or take pets.

Ingonish Beach

This beach enjoys a beautiful view as it is located in a cove that is completed with an island to give an interesting and very relaxing view. From here you can see the Keltic Lodge, a small port, as well as picturesque rock formations. It is characterized by the cleanliness of its waters and sands, with spaces for the children to play without any problem because also there are lifeguards. The area has a canteen for recreation and nearby there is a very nice and more private lake.

Brackley Beach

It is a beautiful beach of fine and pink sand with shallow water, ideal for children. It is characterized for being a quiet area where you can walk for miles and enjoy the view. The water temperature is rather fresh, there is ample parking and showers for when you finish your bath in the seawater. If you go before the tourist season there are great possibilities to have this space for you alone and admire its breathtaking dunes and the sunset.

Long Beach

This is the largest and longest beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It has a road called Tofino-Ucluelet which is parallel to the entire beach. This is one of the most popular places in Canadian surfing due to its constant swell. Long Beach also has rocky islands in the middle of the tide of the beach, accessible only during low tide. There are dangerous hangover streams around the larger islands and unsupervised swimming is considered extremely dangerous.

Chesterman Beach

It is one of the main places to surf in Canada, and if you do not know how, you can sit in the white sand, enjoy a sun bath and observe others. But if you want to learn here you will find the perfect opportunity as there are several surfing schools in the area, which offer beginners the opportunity to learn the basics. If you are going to launch you should know that the hangover currents in the area can be very strong. From there you can also walk to an island, see whales in their migration, mainly in spring and summer. When the tide comes down you have the opportunity to observe some fish of the Canadian marine fauna in the rock pools that leaves the tide.