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Cycling as a form of transport is an increasingly growing trend worldwide. This is no doubt due to its high health and environmental benefits. The city of Toronto specifically has a public bicycle service where you can travel more than 100 miles in a lane just for this. It is estimated that they travel along the route around 20000 cyclists daily so they expect an extension of the lane.


They are a rather uneconomic form of transportation, however, due to the low temperatures characteristic of the country, they become an ideal option for short trips, notably night. You can easily find them in the vicinity of hotels and airports.


Trains are a strong competition for airplanes in terms of the fast travel of long distances and the rates. As with the road network, there is a railway line that crosses the country from east to west linking the two shores. The trip lasts almost 70 hours, but it can be done by stretches to distribute the destinations and take advantage of the stops for sightseeing. In addition, there are numerous train connections between Canada and the United States, so it is also an opportunity to get to know American cities.


The service is very regular and frequent, the average waiting time between a train and the next is between 3 and 6 minutes. Tram lines operate regularly every 2 to 5 minutes and in most cases, the Metro is connected to the train, bus and tram networks. In other locations like Calgary There are urban train lines.


This is perhaps the most common form of transportation in Canada due to its extensive territorial extension. Flights save a lot in time and distance and are even more economical than other means. One of the biggest advantages of taking air transport are the spectacular views offered by this medium.


This is a very economical and highly recommended means of transport to know the most traveled places in the country. These have many options to purchase discount cards and bonuses. The Canadian cities have an extensive network of bus and tram lines, connected to each other and to the railway stations, the commuter trains and the Metro network.