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Bay of Pigs Memorial Park

Parque Memorial Bahía de Cochinos
Parque Memorial Bahía de Cochinos

Bay of Pigs Memorial Park (200 SW 56th Avenue, Miami) – the memorial in this park is a shrine for the Cuban exile cause. It commemorates the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, involving the failed attempt by armed Cuban exiles to overthrow then-new Cuban ruler Fidel Castro. The memorial is for both those who died, as well as those who were captured by Castro’s Marxist army.

ArtCenter/South Florida

ArtCenter ,South Florida
ArtCenter ,South Florida

ArtCenter/South Florida (800, 810 & 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach) – founded in 1984, this non-profit art center is located within three venues in Lincoln Road (a pedestrian-only strip in Miami Beach). ArtCenter exists to provide affordable workspaces for outstanding visual artist in all stages of career development. It provides access to resources and support, creates opportunities for experimentation and innovation, and encourages the exchange of ideas across cultures and professional disciplines. ArtCenter also serves the diverse residents and visitors of South Florida through open studios, exhibitions and education. Admission: Free

Ottawa War Museum

This is a museum dedicated to showcasing the military history of Canada, its architectural design is amazing, the visit is paid only with seeing the façade. It is close to the Ottawa River and the Canadian Parliament. It has unique pieces and a monument in honor of the soldiers who sacrificed for their country. It is the perfect setting to discover objects from Canada’s past and explore exhibits that in themselves tell the experience, history and role of this country in world conflicts. The cases of armed violence in Canadian territory are also exposed.

Royal Ontario Museum

Some visitors describe it as 4.5 million of years in art and culture in the center of Toronto. It is commonly comocido as the ROM and the first thing that captures the attention is its wonderful entry. It is a huge structure that is impossible to ignore because it is full of contrasts between the old and the modern. It exhibits a large collection of art and archaeological pieces from different cultures, without leaving behind its own.


The Biosphere

It is a gigantic sphere, located in a beautiful natural environment, on the island of Santa Helena. It was designed by architect-engineer Buckminster Fuller, famous for its geodesic cupolas. It worked for many years as a purifier and water-related research center. It is a place well known by tourists from all over the world because it is the perfect destination to photograph, both its structures and the surroundings of the island. The museum is currently open-access for children under 17 years of age.

National Gallery of Canada

It has more than 25000 works ranging from the Italian Renaissance to Warhol. It is considered the most beautiful and representative collection of Canadian art. It is worth the experience from beginning to end as before even Entar, you can see its magnificent structure of Crystal Palace that offers a wonderful views d The hill of Parliament and has in addition, its characteristic sculpture of Louise Bourgeois, a huge Arachnid at the entrance. There are rooms dedicated to contemporary art, the Art of Europe and America and leading Canadian painters. You can rest from your tour in a quiet interior courtyard with very comfortable furniture.