Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

Restaurante Folk Heritage Museum
Restaurante Folk Heritage Museum

Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant (Pedzoe Lam, Kawang Jangsa, Thimphu) – for those interested in sampling local (Bhutanese) cuisine, this restaurant is a good start. The extensive menu, which boasts 60 vegetarian dishes and over 100 meat dishes, features such Bhutanese fare as khuli, a pancake made from buckwheat, kekti kewa (spiced baby potatoes) and ja sha maroo, a dish of minced chicken. Perfect washed down with a glass of ara (a local rice wine).

Foreigners who prefer organic food will appreciate this restaurant, since all its ingredients are organically-sourced. In addition, the colorful, authentic setting complements the food perfectly – guests sit on cushions around a low table and eat from handmade wooden bowls (consistent with Bhutanese custom).

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